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If you are on a healing journey the Sweat Lodge is a good place to begin because when you are sitting in a sweat lodge, you are at the centre of the Four Directions. The sweat lodge ceremony forms part of the ceremonial life of many First Nations. Even within one territory, there may be differences in the way the ceremony is conducted.

We the Annishinabe shall preserve, protect and pass on our traditions as taught by our elder's to our children.

Naiyah Kwandibens, Tiny Tot Princess 2015


 Each year we host our annual traditional pow wow located in a peaceful secluded area located between reserve land and Lake Nipigons' Old Whitesand, held since 1980


First Chief of Whitesand, Douglas Sinoway

 ***Please keep in mind that traditions and cultural teachings may differ from region to region. Different is not wrong, just different. As Anishinaabe people we are respectful of everyone and their individual beliefs, traditions, and personal life histories.***

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Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers

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