Whitesand Waiting

Construction to begin in 2016 on ambitious biomass project

Picture a First Nation community in that region – in this case Whitesand, which is located about 250 kilometers north of Thunder Bay. Like many other northern communities in Ontario and beyond, it’s completely reliant on a diesel generator for all its electricity – some of which is used to heat or partially heat buildings. The generator (supplied by the province’s electricity utility Hydro One Remotes, and in this case, 1.1 MW in size) often runs near peak capacity in mid-winter, and can experience mechanical problems at any time.

...“This project will provide us with a steady stream of revenue through pellet production and ample reliable electricity,” says WFN business development officer Craig Toset. “There will be jobs in forestry, plant operation and silviculture, which will raise the standard of living. It’s money in pockets, and it’s local use of local wood. There is an optimism now and a sense of opportunity, and people can’t wait until it’s all up and running.”...

Source; Canadian Biomass