Post Secondary Education
College / University

Our Post Secondary Program was originally administered under the Seven Generations Program. In 1995, Whitesand First Nation withdrew and developed their own education program. The Education Program is responsible for the administration of the educational budget. A board was developed to assist the Program Coordinator with the selection of applicants. Each year it is the intent of the Program to provide as many applicants with their educational request.

How To Apply For Post Secondary Funding

  1. Apply to the Post Secondary Institute of choice.
  2. You may be required to pay a registration fee; please note that this fee is not covered by the Post Secondary Education Program. If you are a successful applicant, the monies will be reimbursed providing a receipt is submitted.
  3. When you have received your acceptance letter, please proceed to the next step.
  4. Download and complete the Post Secondary application form.

Please ensure the entire form is completed, and submit all the information required in addition to your application.Please include your letter of acceptance and birth certificates of yourself and any dependents you wish to claim.All the required paper work MUST be submitted prior to the deadline date. Once an application is received, a review will be conducted to ensure that all the required material is enclosed in your application. Failure to submit all the documentation may result in an incomplete application. The application may be returned to the applicant for completion.

Once a review is conducted, a meeting will be arranged with the Education Committee to review all applicants. Upon completion of this process, all applicants will be notified in writing of the decision made in regards to their funding application.